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Dreamers Ibiza at Boutique Cala Basa

Situated South West of Ibiza is Cala Bossa; one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Sitting prominently above the tropical-like beach and stretching the whole bay is Cala Bassa Beach Club (CBbc). The beach club is well-known for its white-washed VIP areas, great access for yacht owners coming ashore bars, restaurants, music and boutique shopping.

Boutique Cala Basa is owned and founded by the lovely Maria and her partner Gigi. If you follow the winding wooden beach path through CBbc you will discover their two boutiques. At the far end, towards the VIP area and snack bar restaurant you will discover one boutique. Continue along the magical path and you will find the second. The boutique has stocked Dreamers Ibiza for the past six years and Maria likes to give her customers a wide choice and her secret to making her customers happy is to have a little bit of everything from Dreamers Ibiza.

Find Dreamers Ibiza accessories as you approach Boutique Cala Basa

The boutique is a fantastic place to shop for beachwear and accessories. Maria said; 'I could not have wished for a better location than this for the boutique, beautiful Sabina Trees, the shades and views of the beach .. the light is amazing.'

When people visit her boutique and show an interest in Dreamers Ibiza's jewellery, she advises them; ’Never miss wearing even one piece of Dreamers Ibiza bracelets on your arms.’

The Dreamers Ibiza accessories collection is very popular at the boutique with a lot of choice and styles. The Lava beads are perfect for men and the Boheme, Pompom and Silk accessories are loved by women.

Stylish and Focused Boutique Fashion Buyer

Gianluca Bedin, founder of Dreamers Ibiza has enormous respect for Maria's boutique fashion buying skills and says; 'Maria is a great fashion buyer. She knows what she likes and I really value her fashion choices. She has a good-eye and great taste in style. When I have a new design she is one of the few clients who always selects the best quality pieces. She has deep understanding of the nicest stone, skilled workmanship and when she places an order with Dreamers Ibiza I always respect her choices. Brava Maria.. as an Italian fashion designer, I like to see when someone has good taste. I know what she chooses is in good hands because she has chosen the best.'

Maria's Top Fashion Accessory Tip:

‘Put a Piece of Dreamers in your Life’

Cala Bossa attracts a real mix of tourists and visitors of all cultures and ages from families to groups of young people. Maria told us that she really enjoys the way people react to Dreamers Ibiza jewellery when the look at the variety and intricate designs. She said she often hears people say things like; '… so cute, so nice, so sweet…' as they see another, and another and another.

You will find Boutique Cala Basa open most of the season is 11.30 to 7.30pm.

One shop opens from Semana Santa (Easter) until end October. The second shop area opens during high season only.

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