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Dreamers Ibiza at USHUAIA Official Stores

USHUAIA brand designer, Laura endorsed Dreamers Ibiza jewellery into the USHUAIA brand in 2014. But the story began many years before in 2007 when she bought one of her treasured pieces of jewellery, a Scorpio Ibiza Energy necklace from Gianluca Bedin's original boutique, which use to be in the centre of Ibiza Town.

The founder of Dreamers Ibiza, Italian born fashion designer, Gianluca Bedin says; 'For me, Laura is the best merchandising designer I have worked with. The way she has grown the USHUAIA brand is impressive.'

As time went on, Gianluca moved premises and focused on growing the Dreamers Ibiza brand. It was a chance meeting at an event in 2014 that she told Gianluca had been looking for him for many years to tell him how much she treasured her Scorpion Energy Necklace that she bought years ago and wanted to let him know how much she loved his jewellery designs. It was then that the business relationship between USHUAIA and Dreamers Ibiza began. Now with six stores on the island, Dreamers Ibiza has a place in each one.

Looking to the future

Dreamers Ibiza designs and produces the Official USHUAIA brand of accessories with the iconic logo that is loved by so many. From next year USHUAIA and Dreamers Ibiza are looking to expand the collections and even more personalised jewellery. It is exciting times ahead for both.

The USHUAIA Experience

USHUAIA Official Stores at main locations across Ibiza. You can find Dreamers Ibiza jewellery in the stores which are designed with the iconic USHUAIA Logo.

The Dreamers Ibiza style of accessories gives USHUAIA shoppers the option to add a little Ibiza boho style to their look and buy a souvenir with an affinity to a side of the island they might not get to experience whilst on holiday.

What to buy

At USHUAIA Official Stores they know exactly what fashion styles their customers like. One of the assistants, Ana, told us; 'Dreamers Ibiza jewelry is really popular and matches well with USHUAIA clothing. Men and women of all ages love Dreamers Ibiza jewellery because buying the accessories makes them feel a little connection with the real Ibiza.' This year, the gold collection for women has sold very well and the delicate pendants are popular with young girls. The Boheme Collection for women with wonderful Turquoise Stones is always a great look for any age and the perfect choice to accessorise with a boho Ibiza Style. For men, the Lava Collection and silver bracelets are best sellers and create a great beach holiday look.

As always, with Dreamers Ibiza jewellery, the Make-a-wish, Tie Me and Make a Wish bracelets are really fun and colourful. The idea behind these are that you make a wish when you you put the bracelet on and the wish comes true when it falls off.

Dreamers Ibiza accessories at USHUAIA make the perfect gift for anyone, any age or style

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