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From Ibiza with Love....

People come first for Dreamers, they are at the center of everything.

That is why, taking into account the current situation in our country and in order to take a responsible and preventive attitude to protect the health of our employees and customers.

We are here for you in our online store

In addition, we are doing everything possible to offer you the best service at the moment.


- How do I avoid a possible contagion with the delivery man?

Home delivery companies have already thought about it, and have designed a 'zero contact' protocol that their delivery people and couriers must comply to protect their health and that of everyone, especially that of the most vulnerable groups, such as people greater.

- Do we have to clean the packages we receive?

The risk of contagion through a package is minimal, these days you have to take extreme precautions and hygiene and safety measures.

Some studies have indicated that this coronavirus could remain days on some surfaces.

Therefore, the correct way to receive and handle a packet is as follows:

* Wash your hands

* Put on gloves

* Instead of putting the package on the counter to manipulate it, place it on the floor

* Disinfects the surface where the package has been with water and

diluted bleach

* Take off gloves safely

* Wash your hands


We want to take the opportunity to thank all the health and safety workers and all the sectors that these days are presenting their service to all citizens.

Thank you for your unconditional commitment.

Teamwork, togetherness, and trust are some of Dreamers' core values, and right now they make more sense than ever.

Everyone's responsibility and cooperation is key these days.

We will adapt to the circumstances at all times in order to offer you the best service within our possibilities.

We are looking forward to enjoying our wonderful Island again 💚

Thank you for your trust,

Dreamers Ibiza Team

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