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Our brand is inspired by the surrounding nature found in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands

Ibiza is blessed with its own special heartbeat, especially at sunset when you lose yourself in the skies, tribal-like gatherings and the beat of the drums. The dreamers and nature lovers are drawn to this magical White Island and drummers have been playing here for decades. You can experience the vibes every day of the week, absorbing the energy of this incredible place, Ibiza.

Reflecting the colours and spirit of the White Island

By day the hot Mediterranean sunshine is embraced by soft breezes, feeling the warmth on your skin and deep within your body as the parasols rustle pleasantly overhead.

Deep bays and white sandy beaches are enclosed with rugged, tree clad outcrops that protect transparent aquamarine waters. Enigmatic rocks such as Es Vedre and the Benirras Buddha sit majestically in the sea, presiding over the beaches and beckoning the sun when she sets. The waves keep rolling in blues, violets, indigos and greens, eventually reflecting the soft pinks, deep peaches and vivid oranges of sunset.

Each day you can experience the real Ibiza as locals and tourists from all walks of life mix and mingle in the magic of the moment. She welcomes families and friends of all ages and races, filling the beaches with the sounds of happiness set against Nature’s backdrop. Allow yourself to be free and let the energy of this magic place warm your soul while you dance, love, dream and enjoy life, because this is what we are living for

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