Dreamers Ibiza Boheme Jasper Mink Bracelet with green labradorite stone symbolises gentle and steady. Jasper is a stone of health and passion. This boho style bracelet is handmade with semi-precious Jasper and handpainted beads of earthy and marine colours. If you love Mink hues of greenish browns then this is the bracelet for you with other colours to choose from in our online shop.

Boheme Jasper Mink Bracelet

35,00 €Price
  • Made with love by Dreamers Ibiza with Multi-strung bracelet beads faceted stones in Gold Colored Hematite and an arrangement of semi-precious beads in various with a range of natural colours reflecting Ibiza's beauty. Stung onto multiple strands of black thread with Hand Painted Jasper in Turquoise Color with Gold Plated chain closure adjustable to various sizes.