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Dreamers Ibiza Tanit Pendant is a pictorial tag necklace with an amulet that is typical of Ibiza. This dog tag style necklace has a square-shaped, sterling silver pendant that is strung onto a semi-precious Spinel that has been hand-knotted onto a black adjustable cord. The pictorial pendant is embossed both front and back with Ibiza's energy of The Tanit Goddess and an alternative design is also available with the Scorpion Energy. These symbols hold mystical and spiritual meanings unique to the White Island of Ibiza.

Ibiza Tanit Pendant

39,00 €Price
  • Made with positive energy by Dreamers Ibiza. The necklace pendant tags are made of sterling silver 925. In combination with Semiprecious Spinel Stones in a Italian Cotton Cord.

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