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Dreamers Ibiza Magic Silver Ring, our seal and brand authenticity.Be part of our Island Lovers Collection. A classic of Dreamers, in which words are superfluous, for respect and deep Love for this wonderful island. Nature and beauty in its purest state. Music and sunrises, flashes of freedom that make this place unique and magical in the waters of the Mediterranean. With a touch of semi-precious stones that remind us of the sunset.

Light Green Ibiza Magic Gold Ring

49,00 €Price
  • Dreamers Ibiza handmade jewelery Ring, made in bronze with an 18 carat gold plating, and Zircon stones set one by one in Light Green. With a hand-carved wax, in its maximum detail. The entire relief and contour of the island has been meticulously studied. The ring also carries the Ibiza coat of arms on the sides, as a representation of the municipality. An emblem of prestige and love for our magical place.

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