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Dreamers Ibiza Stonelight Aqua Bracelet has hand-faceted warm brown Spinel semi-precious beads with a single deep turquoise crystal set into a single delicate charm and layers of golden glamour and glimmering movement. This beauty can also be worn as an anklet. Faceted Spinel is said to be connected with energy renewal and overcoming tough circumstances, and with your body and mind’s rejuvenation.


Stonelight Aqua Bracelet

SKU: BMS1432
35,00 €Price
  • Made with love by Dreamers Ibiza Bracelet and Anklet with hand-faceted brown Spinel semiprecious beads and an aqua-green-blue crystal. A Gold Plated Chain to compose the Bracelet including a Gold Plated chain closure adjustable to various sizes. 

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