Dreamers Ibiza Boheme Pink Secrets Bracelet has a bohemian look with extra style. With one half of the bracelet in a squared bangle design and the other half dressed with three strands to create that all-important movement typical of the boho jewellery. The three strands combine strung turquoise beads, black leather and row of golden Hemitite and finished with a simple gemstone charm. The boho look began with a group of free spirited artists who began a nomadic lifestyle, lived cheaply, and wore worn-out, unfashionable or used clothing. Nowadays it is considered rather chic.

Boheme Pink Secrets Bracelet

35,00 €Price
  • Made with love by Dreamers Ibiza with beads faceted stones in Gold Colored Hematite. Stung onto multiple strands of black thread with Hand Painted Jasper in Turquoise Color mixed with a high quality Italian Leather in a combination of a beautiful Zamak Gold Plated Closing Bead.