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Ibiza Style Bijoux Jewellery & Accessories - Wholesale & Online Shop

The Dreamers Ibiza brand of bijoux jewellery and accessories is the inspired creation of Italian born fashion designer, Gianluca Bedin. With numerous successes in the fashion industry as a womenswear designer and founder of boutiques in multiple countries Worldwide, he found a passion for bijoux.

Designer, Gianluca also spent time in New York where he connected with fashion industry professionals. The experience motivated him to ‘Follow His Dream’ to create an iconic and special jewellery brand. Gianluca’s dream became a reality when he moved to Ibiza in 2007. He discovered the quirky, spiritual and creative heart of the White Island. Inspired by the magnificent marine colours, sparkling sunlight, sunsets and awesome natural environment, Gianluca founded Dreamers Ibiza.

As a surfer Gianluca is always close to nature and brings the spectrums of colour and shapes to his jewelry designs. Because of his affinity with nature, he grew the Dreamers Ibiza brand with a commitment to respecting the environment. He is dedicated to supporting local charities who look after Ibiza beaches, marine life and wildlife safe and clean from the affects of tourism and environmental damage. The Dreamers Ibiza logo is a symbol of love, peace and harmony in the World. This is of great importance to Gianluca Bedin.

Dreamers Ibiza is primarily a bijoux wholesaler producing their own products in their factories. The handmade, artisan bijoux collections are Ibiza, Bohemian Style and update each season according to fashion trends. Many people become addicted to Dreamers Ibiza jewelry and combine layers of bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets to their everyday look.

Having circa 200 boutique outlets throughout Ibiza, Europe and other countries, Dreamers Ibiza continues to grow and grow. Gianluca Bedin is a very hands-on designer and sees each product design, production and distribution process personally as well as keeping excellent rapport with clients.

The business expansion is a constant, with Dreamers Ibiza Online Shop as well as a Wholesale Membership community where buyers can order new stock online.

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